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Looking to buy new alloy wheels in Middletown, NY?

  • Sometimes you just want new alloy rims.
  • Maybe it is time for a rim style change or an upgrade.
  • Maybe, Manny couldn’t repair your old rim because there was so much damage.

Buy Affordable Alloy Rims In the Hudson Valley

We represent all manufacturers of OEM wheels. (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

  • We can help you get affordable prices on OEM wheels.
  • These are replacement factory wheels.
  • We can get rims for Chevy, Ford, Honda, Toyota etc.
  • Then we can install your new alloy wheels for you.
  • We can also install your tires too.

We sell new after market OEM compatible steel rims too

Did you crack or bend a steel wheel?

Usually these can’t be repaired because they steel rims will TWIST and become out of round. We sell affordable steel wheels for your car, van or truck. YES, we can also install them and balance your wheel if you like.

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