Alloy Wheel Repair Putnam Valley NY

Affordable Alloy Wheel Repair Putnam Valley NY

Thanks for asking about our alloy wheel repair Putnam Valley NY.

Is your alloy wheel scratched, bend or dented?

We can help.

STOP paying up to $1,200 to replace your alloy rims because it is no longer necessary.

Why do we say that? It is because we repair alloy wheels every day.

  • We do rim repair for Mercedes.
  • We do rim repair for BMW.
  • We do wheel repair for every car manufacturer in between. From Honda to Toyota. And from Cadillac to Ford, Chevrolet and GMC too.


We offer the following Putnam Valley wheel repair services:

Bent wheel Before rim Repair in Putnam Valley
Bent rim BEFORE repair
Bent rim AFTER wheel repair Putnam Valley
Bent Rim AFTER repair

Why Choose Rims Like New for your Putnam Valley rim repair company?

• 100% Customer Satisfaction
• Certified Wheel Technicians
• WE Offer The Most Economical Solutions
• WE will walk you through the entire process

We encourage retail customers, to make an appointment at our Middletown NY location to either drop your car off or to wait while your vehicle is being serviced. Those clients that are outside of our local area can ship their wheels directly to us for repair. We will discuss a wide range of options with you to help find the best route. Our certified wheel technicians will walk you through the entire repair process. We understand the stress that a damaged wheel can put on our clients. For this reason, we will work to make this entire process as painless as possible.

We team up with body shops, auto dealerships and

tire shops in Putnam Valley NY

Rims Like New has been offering wheel repair services to tire shops, body shops, car washes, auto dealerships, and insurance companies for more then a decade. We offer same or next day service on most repairs. These repairs can include scratched, gouged, scraped, scuffed, bent, dented, crooked, warped, peeling, and even wheel discoloration. Our Alloy wheel repair or alloy rim repair services are rated as one of the best in the U.S.

Should you repair your rim or buy a new one?

Most wheel repairs can be made for under $150. In comparison to that new alloy wheels run between $300-$1,200 each.

Should I buy a used alloy wheel? Some of our past clients have tried that before. Only to find that they have to not only buy the used rim but pay to install and balance the new wheel. Most of the time used rims are bent and need to be repaired as well. Now you are spending more than if you simply asked us to repair the wheel in the first place.

Is our rim repair in Putnam Valley really as good as new?

The Rims Like New process is fast, efficient and professional. We use only the highest quality of industrial refinishing tools, materials and systems to assure that the result is consistently brilliant. Every wheel requires a different combination of techniques and processes due to the varying types of damage and wheel finishes available.

We service parts of NY/NJ/CT/PA with our expert wheel repair technicians at our shop, OR you can ship us your wheel from anywhere in the U.S.

What kind of wheel repair do you do?

  • Rim & Wheel Repair for Curb Damage: Scratch, Gouge, Gouged, Scraped, Scuff, Scuffed Rim
  • Straightening: Bent, Dented, Dent, Crooked, Warped, Corrosion: Discoloration, Peel, Custom Painting Polishing
  • Including: OE Wheel Replacement, O.E., OEM, Hollander, Center Caps, Hub Caps, Wheel Covers


In conclusion, we invite you to call us and talk to a Putnam Valley rim repair tech for free. They will answer your questions and help you to make the right decision for you. Stop by and have us give you a free wheel repair estimate. If we cant repair your bent wheel in Putnam Valley there is no charge.